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0.5U/half-height units in Rack-Layout?

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Would it be a big issue to add the option for 0.5U units to the drop-down of the equipment height as I can't manually change the rack frame height?




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@elc Could you send me a link to the actual equipment that is creating this challenge?


On a more general note I think we have to strike a balance between the level of detail and speed of design. Some people have the luxury to sit and create drawings to an almost photographic level of detail (or they think ConnectCAD should include this content ready-made for the devices they just happen to be using). That's fine but someone has to spend a lot of time creating these models. Others prefer to get work out of the door quickly and are content with enough detail so that an installer can complete the job accurately. Generally ConnectCAD is focussed more towards speed with the option to add extra detail if you have the time.


In this particular case I ask myself "is it really the end of the world if the rack frame is 1/2 a U shorter?". Perhaps it is. Please convince me.



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Hi @Conrad Preen

you are right, I won't lose any sleep over this one, just thought/hoped it might be a relatively easy change? 🙂


right now, I show it as 1U device. only real issue I could see is, that when going through the documentation for support at a later stage, I won't see, that in fact we still have half a unit of space for something else in these positi ons. 🤷‍♂️


but I won't put up a fight over this. 😄







1 hour ago, Conrad Preen said:

for the devices they just happen to be using

...going through the images here our device doesn't seem to be some sort of unicorn? 😉

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