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Eyedropper makes VW crash

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Hi Juan,

Thanks for your reply but unfortunately when these crashes happen, it is more often just the spinning wheel running forever and then me having tom cmd+alt+esc to interrupt the program and it is then rare to be able to report the crash. It then starts the procedure to recover the back up files from the autosave folder.

Kind regards,


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On 11/30/2022 at 6:59 PM, Pat Stanford said:

VW2021 is listed as not being compatible with Mac OS13 Ventura.  If you truly have a brand new computer it is likely that that is the OS you are running.


I do not know if the crash on eyedropper is one of the known bugs with Ventura.



Hi Pat,

Thanks for coming back! The issue I had where with the first release of VW22, now I am running VW23 and things are much better, everything is a little more stable, I still get some crashes there and then but not that often and not related to a particular command. 


I haven't upgraded my Mac to Ventura yet: when do you think it is advisable to do so, perhaps after SP3 is out?

Thanks again


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I am running SP2 and Ventura and I have not noticed any problems. 


The one primary issue that I am aware of is the prior to SP2, both Renderworks and Redshift would have a very long (minutes) configuration process the first time those rendering modes were used.  In SP2 the Renderworks delay was eliminated. I hope that SP3 will also remove the Redshift delay, but I think that depends on Apple and Maxon.


Officially, VW2023 and Ventura are list as not compatible. But many, many people are using them together.

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