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Problem with VW2022 Attribute Criteria Loc and Walls


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I've been using this abridged macro for years.


However, it doesn't seem to work with VW2022.


Can anyone suggest why all the objects within the large polygon will accept the attachment of MyRecord (change this name as required), except the Wall object ?




procedure Fetch;

var hFSA : handle;

	procedure Test (h : handle);
	SetRecord (h, 'MyRecord');

DelName ('Tmp');
hFSA := FSActLayer;
SetName (hFSA, 'Tmp');
ForEachObject (Test, (Loc = 'Tmp'));
run (Fetch);


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It seems to be working on my VW 2022. When I first select the wall after the script is run, the OIP Data pane has the <Default IfcWallStandateCase> record format selected. If I change the record selection to "MyRecord> (with the wall selected) I see the proper fields show up below. Is this what you are seeing?



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Yes, all objects inside the outer rectangle have the record attached, using a Mac.


I select the outer rectangle and run your script. When I select the wall object, I see this in the OIP. When I first click on the wall, the IFC record is selected, but when I click on the "Format-1" record above it I see the field "fld" at the bottom with dummy data "abc", so the record is definitely attached.





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