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truss label data-visualization

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Hello I have a data visulization with color by truss length, fill color and pen color are the same, because if I put the pen in black with "small" zoom it become "unreadeable" ...


But the truss name is also colored , how can I have the truss name in black ? 

I tried by filter class truss label ... but it doesn't work...


I also tried with 2 Data visualization , on for the colore by length and one for the truss name , doesn't matter wich is 1 or 2, that doesn't work ...




Thanks !!!

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5 minutes ago, markdd said:

Remove the Fill property from the Truss Label Class. You may have to go to the Truss Symbols and check that the Text is set to By Class.

I already try, and if no mistake, that doesn't work...
because the graphiq attribut is by data vis .... (you can see the glasses ...)

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Hello I've another problem ...1

this settings works for top plan view but not for other wireframe view ...

and if for one reason I ve a truus element who isn't in top plan view for example vertival truss, i can't see it ...


The only solution I think, is to draw all truss element as hybrid symbol in top, front, side view but I ve no idea for isometric view...


is someone more imaginative ???


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On 6/3/2022 at 12:46 AM, Ben59 said:

also , anyboone know why in the report the img by data vis works for truss elt but not for pipe (ex50...)



Does the pipe have the same record?


BTW one solution to all of this is to create a custom record that you apply to as many objects as you want: truss, pipe, clamps, hardware, hoists... By using the same custom record, you only have to create 1 data vis rule (vs the same rule for each record). If necessary, you can use the Data Manager to refine that with mappings, calculations... That might sound like "a lot" but I find the stock stuff is a starting point but you're limited to the records provided (and which objects have which records but not others). Once you customize the record, you're mostly limited by your own imagination. And you definitely have a good handle on this stuff based on the posts above.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I don't have much experience using truss data vis in worksheets, so I can't say for certain why the data vis doesn't display correctly. Can you post the file so I can have a look?

In regards to the pipe not taking the data vis, @Mark Aceto is correct, the most likely reason is that the pipe doesn't have the same data record or object type as the data vis is set up for.
Personally I tend to convert my pipes into truss objects to get round this issue and then use the criteria object using parameter, Truss, Name for my data vis as this parameter normally a combination of the truss type and length.

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7 hours ago, jcogdell said:

Personally I tend to convert my pipes into truss objects to get round this issue and then use the criteria object using parameter, Truss, Name for my data vis as this parameter normally a combination of the truss type and length.


That's a great point. Ever since watching @markdd's tutorial, I created a library of pipe symbols (stock lengths) that are converted to truss objects. I almost never use the pipe tool by itself.

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Posted (edited)

hello thanks for answer , sorry i was busy this time ... 
The pipe  have the same records than the truss because it comes from the official library 🙂

So Adam Chekir who is the official french spotlight support explain me that is a probleme withe the 2d representation ...

The truss datavis rebuild imag from the 2d reprentation and the truss pieces who hasen't color hasen't 2d representation in my drawing because theyr are not in "normal" position for example 90° turned ... 


  • So one solution is to make truss element for all possible position and use the appropriate symbol... 
  • The other one as say earlier  is to use hiden line but it takes time ... 
  • Another solution is to use data vis legend instead of worksheet, but I'll apreciate to have a checkbox to show only stuff who are in drawing .
  • And "finally" have a "ghost" layer with all trusses elements in normal position and by the way with they 2d representation... But I need to be careful and exclude it from reports 🙂

  here the files https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eUk4wL1YYGkXyKlxQYEgRy5PvyULHBo1/view?usp=sharing



here is his answer passed thru google translate :"The table can only display wireframe images with dynamic attributes as you wish, only if the symbol used by the bridge has a 2D representation. This is the case for the SC300 - 3m which is visible with its 2D representation in the 2D plane. If the bridge element is placed vertically, the tool rebuilds a 3D symbol from the original symbol. That's why you have several 3D symbols appearing in your resource manager.
One solution would be to make 2D/3D symbols specific to each position of bridge elements in the drawing. A simpler solution would be to cheat a little with the visibility of the objects and the board by putting the missing elements on the 2D plan drawing for the board to read them and display the images."

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