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Lagging and Crashing in any view other than Top/Plan



Is anyone else experiencing horrible lagging and crashing issues with the Newest Service Pack (VW 2022 SP1)?   I was fine on 2021 and the initial release of VW 2022, however, now any reasonably sized on model in 3D (all of them are bad, even using Shaded (OpenGL) lags and takes upwards of 30 seconds to unfreeze?   It lags horribly and most especially, there has been a massive spike in the amount of RAM being used?  Why is vectorworks now using 10GB of RAM (according to Task Manager) to run a 110,000 KB file????   To check this, I opened models that I last edited/used in September/August of last year.   Those models which were very smooth and easy to work with now lag horribly every time the system has to rerender.    I am using a 16 Core 3.2 GHz Xeon processor with 128 GB of Ram alongside a GeForce 1070 Ti pushing 8GB of VRam.   The harddrive is a SSD EX920 for the current file and system.   All storage of inactive files is on a separate harddrive.   The current SSD has 300 GB free.    In fact, it just now took an extra 4GB of Ram to import 10 PDFs into the file????


Any thoughts or advice on a setting to change as this is terribly slowing my drafting and modeling?   Additionally, when rendering the viewports using unshaded Polygons the system is now crashing using models that I had never previously experienced a single crash.


Help!!!!  Thanks!

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24 minutes ago, Camden800 said:

crashing issues with the Newest Service Pack (VW 2022 SP1)



AFAIK we are VW 2022 SP2.1 now and SP3 coming soon.


You should try to start the Updater manually from the Software Folder.



But honestly for me SP0 and SP1 were OK and VW 2022 started to get

more unstable since SP2.

Maybe a bit better now with SP2.1 (?)

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Yes I've been working with the same issue.  I had my crashes in 21 but 22 seems to be worse.  My post Site model looks wrong got some attention and I took the advise given and it seems to be better.  I was having issues with a site model...I think.  But my issues were exactly as you describe.  I'm thinking that its a 2022 issue.  I sent two files to tech support and have been awaiting a response.  

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Thank goodness we have gotten rid of Screen Plane objects, now VW can operate more smoothly and without snags.


Sarcasm, I grant you, but the nagging question remains - do VW engineers and management know what they are doing?  I'm starting to have serious doubts.  NNA, get it together, I and everyone else want desperately for VectorWorks to succeed and be the awesome go-to software in the CADD space (CADD = Computer Aided DESIGN and Drafting).  I've stuck with VW through thick and thin, weathered many attacks from advocates for AutoCAD and Revit (Archicad, too) in my workspace, and I think I've been right.  But . . .


(Speaking as someone who has paid for 2021 and 2022, but won't move to 2022 until I stop hearing about this kind of problem, it's just not worth it.  But, I keep hoping that those who are in charge will get it, that usefulness and stability and speed are #1, not destabilizing glitz.)

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Beside constant work on renewing VW graphics system,

Over the years I experienced VW upgrades as just adding more features without

fixing any old Tools and user experience. There came some nice and useful new

features though.

But I always thought that VW will collapse any day because of always just adding

complexity and never cleaning up. I thought it will implode soon as each fix

of a single issue will bring just another 5 new bugs.


For me VW 2022 was the first Upgrade that started fixing some disturbing old

legacy things and did aggressive changes and fixes from the ground up.

Realizing Metal and DirectX graphic compatibility, native Apple ARM support,

Walls as Solids on Parasolid, .....


There is still tons of legacy of 90ies style Tools and GUI for the next iterarations

but I would have expected these large VW 2022 interventions to have at least

some noticeable effects on stability and reliability.

Which we had in any previous "soft" release nevertheless.


But VW seems to have also rearmed the bug fixing developers over the years,

as it looks when looking at the SP release notes.


So in this case I more honor the VW modernization than I swear over the bugs.

Therefore I am a bit more tolerant about this release.




There is just one thing that I note for VW and Apple OS upgrades.

While in the past it got better with every update, so responsible CAD managers

will not ugrade until a dot 3 version,

since 2-3 years, VW SP0 or first Betas of macOS work reasonably, but get worse

with following updates.

I hope that VW 2022 SP4 and macOS 12.4 will change that trend ....

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