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I am having issues with crashes especially on the bigger files I create (not real big).  I have come to realize I have/had some video card settings amongst other things incorrect.  I have corrected some of them, I think, with the help of @Jeremy Best but I'm not sure I'm there yet.  I recall getting a system spec for my machine but don't recall getting info on how to optimize the system for VW.  I'm at the point where I am considering a full reinstall.  If I do that I want to be sure I have it right.  A spec sheet would be helpful, a video of just how to optimize a system would be even better.  An app that can tell you what needs doing would be very useful too.  I see a ton of posts about crashes.

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Hello Ed, 


I'd like to see if I can help you further. 


22 hours ago, Landartma said:

am having issues with crashes especially on the bigger files I create (not real big).

For CAD files, file size is not an indicator of how 'heavy' the file is to a computer. Geometry requires very little data to define it, whereas images/textures take a lot. So you can have a Vectorworks document with HEAPS of geometry in it but have a very small file size compared to a document with typical amounts of geometry, but has images/textures or PDFs etc. 


22 hours ago, Landartma said:

I recall getting a system spec for my machine but don't recall getting info on how to optimize the system for VW.

Apart from making sure the hardware is suitably spec'd for the demand typically placed on it, there's not a lot of advice that applies to every user because needs, hardware and circumstances differ so much. However, during installation the READ ME section (which no one reads) includes the following: 

  • "Known Issues:
  • Some Vectorworks 2022 Windows users have reported crashing with basic document window operations. We have tracked these issues to utility apps being installed which sometimes show overlaid graphics on top of normal graphics. These utility apps should be disabled.
  • The Accelerate graphics check box found under the Display tab in the Vectorworks Preferences places a higher demand on graphics hardware. These additional demands may cause unwanted delays, graphical anomalies, and crashes on some systems, especially systems not meeting the recommended specifications. Users experiencing these problems are encouraged to uncheck the Accelerate graphics.…" 

One other setting that comes to mind is how much detail you're asking your computer to display in various modes / areas of your file / aspects of the software. 

Both in the Design Layer and for individual Sheet Layer Viewports, you can set how much detail displayed. There's too many ways/areas for me to list here and I don't want to overlook some and post incomplete information, but here's one example for Design Layer display: Go: View > Rendering > Shaded Options…, set 'Detail' level, and/or turn OFF 'Draw Edges' and 'Use Anti-Aliasing.' - All dependant on how 'heavy' the file is on the computer concerned. 


The solution really is to become familiar with how your files/work impact your computer, and become familiar enough with the software to know what settings to adjust under what circumstance. I keep Activity Monitor (on Mac) and Task Manager's 'Performance' tab (on Windows) open most of the time when using Vectorworks so I can monitor what impact certain actions and settings have on the computer, and when warranted alter the demand that Vectorworks induces accordingly. 


23 hours ago, Landartma said:

I see a ton of posts about crashes.

Google's good at returning results of whatever one looks for and the Forum is by no means a statistical representation of what most users experience. I work in support and am not impacted/jaded or resigned about Vectorworks crashes because there are relatively few cases that are caused by software bugs. The majority of crashes users report to me are caused by over-burdened hardware or corrupt data/files. 

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Complain enough and someone will set it straight...Thank you for your continued attention to this.  I just had a long conversation about this with @jeff prince and as I suspected its much to do with settings and configuration.  He also brought to my attention that with the myriad of equipment and systems available each system must be looked at individually and set up properly.  This comment @Jeremy Best confirms the discussion I just had.  Thanks to you guys for the help.  I'm fired up to get this thing ripping.  I'm up for the education.  Again LMK what you need from me.  In the meantime I will be having my machine inspected for issues.

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