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Rotating a file that has been referenced into another file



Hello everyone, 


When I reference a file A (eg a house I modelled in VW) into another file B (eg the site model where the house is supposed to sit, also modelled in VW) and I want to rotate A, I unlock each layer and rotate it individually, which is quite time consuming, but avoids some weird things happening if I rotate the A as a whole. Is there a more efficient way to rotate a referenced file? 

Also, every time I open the Reference panel in file B and update file A, I lose the rotation. Is there a way to reference a file, move it around and rotate it as many times as needed and not lose the rotation or repositioning every time the reference file is updated? 

Thanks to anyone that will help

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You referenced the File the old school way by referencing by Layers.

There is also a newer recommended option for your Reference,

to reference File A as a Viewport on a Design Layer.


If you choose this way you will not even see your Reference.

You can create a new Layer for the Reference Viewport.

Create a new Viewport.

Assign the new Layer to the Viewport.

In the content Settings of the Viewport there is an option to choose

an existing Reference (File A in your case)

Now your Reference will be visible in File B.


If you need you can add a Viewport Crop to exclude parts of your

File A Geometry and switch Layers or Classes off.

So the Reference happens in the Viewport.

You can reload the Reference and Update the Viewport to bring changes in.


And you can move and rotate the Viewport itself as much as you want.

This way you will not lose your manipulations.



I am also not sure what is the meaning of the older direct Referencing

by Layers, where you can do changes - but which will be overwritten

as soon as you reload the Reference ...


But the old direct way of Referencing has some other advantages that

is why still many users prefer that way.

Just in your case, the Referencing by DLVP makes more sense ....

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