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Lineless Cut Plane in Section Viewports



In my project file, my section viewports have no lines associated with the cut plane (which uses the Section Style) class (but the fill displays and can be controlled entirely as expected).  I've checked viewport settings, class visibilities, class overrides, and everything else I can think of, all to no avail.  Maybe most telling is that when I copy one of these viewports into a brand new blank file created with my template, the issue is resolved.  And when I copy a viewport from the brand new file into the project file, that viewport then fails to display any section plane lines.  Which makes me think it's a file issue, and not a viewport issue.  And I can't think of any file settings that would affect or control this.  So now I'm thinking "corrupt file?...".


Or maybe I'm being dense and completely missing something obvious.  Any thoughts, anyone??  Thanks!  VWIS232

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I have found that the problem appears to be the presence of Floor objects with a Pen Style (Line) of "None."  If there is just one of these on any design layer that's visible in the Viewport, ALL objects in the viewport (naturally and logically...) will be represented at the cut plane as if they have a Pen Style of "None."  It really doesn't seem like the 2D attributes of an object should affect its 3D display in a Section Viewport ( https://forum.vectorworks.net/index.php?/topic/91244-why-are-3d-objects-subject-to-a-2d-attribute-fill-of-none/#comment-416165 ), let alone affect the 3D display of all objects in the viewport.  VWIS232


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