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Materials Abandoned by Auto Hybrids in 2022?



Is it just me, or do Materials and Auto Hybrids not work with each other in Vectorworks 2022?..


In both Vectorworks 2021 and 2022, in brand new blank files, do the following:


1.) Create 4' x 4' x 8' extrude.

2.) Apply "Brick Clay Modular MT" material to the extrude*.

3.) Duplicate the extrude, and change the height of the second extrude from 8' to 2'.

4.) Create an Auto Hybrid from both extrudes (use the default settings).

5.) Create a Horizontal Section Viewport (use the default settings, including for the Sheet creation).

(Files attached)



1.) In Vectorworks 2021, in Top/Plan view, the Auto Hybrid displays the "Component Brick HF" hatch, as expected.  But in VW 2022, the hatch is not displayed; just a white fill is shown.  Why?!?

2.) In both Vectorworks 2021 and 2022, in the Horizontal Section Viewport, the "Component Brick HF" hatch displays for the cut plane, as expected, and, even better, the "Brick Modular Running Bond HF" surface hatch displays for the extrude that is below the cut plane.  It kinda seems like Auto Hybrids similarly should show the surface hatch below the cut plane, and not the cut plane hatch... 


Is there a new feature or setting that's necessary for Auto Hybrids to properly display materials in Vectorworks 2022 that I'm missing??  Thanks!  VWIS230


*Brick material can be found in the Resource Manager at: Vectorworks Libraries > Defaults > Materials > Materials.vwx > Masonry > "Brick Clay Modular MT".



04-VW 2021-Material.vwx 05-VW 2022-Material-00.vwx

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Actually, it looks like Auto Hybrids simply ignore the 2D Attributes of Contained Objects in Vectorworks 2022, whether they're from Materials or even just from applied Fills.  Bug submitted on 022222... Hopefully this will be fixed soon... ... ...  

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@willofmaine I appreciate you looking into these workflows.  I've been dragging my feet on actually using 2022 due to the changes to Plant Objects.  I haven't fully embraced Materials yet due to random oddities encountered during trials of the feature.


It seems that 2023 will be out before I will be able to "trust" 2022, meanwhile my Service Select "pay us" reminders keep coming.  Feels like skipping 3 to 4 releases is starting to make more sense...

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