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Can anybody recommend on how to set up a phyton scripting development environment in VW?

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Hi there,

I need to convert one of my old Vectorscripts to Python to convert it to a Marionette node.

Since I have no experience in Phyton Scripting I was wondering if there are any tipps on how to set this project up.

I already found some very nice Phyton tutorials on the internet but not so much that refers particulary to VW.


Any hints appreciated,



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If you don't need extra libraries, then VW has a complete Python interpreter. Just use the Vectorscript editor and set it to Python at the top.


Since you are converting from VS, this should be reasonable.


If your script is really long you might want to get a more involved development environment.

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9 hours ago, Peter Vandewalle said:

Marionette nodes need to be coded inside the node. No further interface needed.

Are you sure you need to create Marionette nodes? Or do you need to script just Python. For Python scripting we use Eclipse.


Yes, I think I need a Marionette node. Right now I have a Vectorscript Menu Command that retrieves some information like the current date and writes it do a record format of an activated symbol. The record format is linked to some text within the symbol.

Now I want to convert the symbol to a marionette object. Since I haven't found any 'retrieve current date' node and there seems to be no way to call Vectorscript menu commands from within a marionette network, I'd like to create the 'retrieve date'-Marionette node.


2 hours ago, twk said:

As @Pat Stanford suggested, the vectorscript editor should be adequate for marionette editing.


I personally use PyCharm. Much more robust, for actual plugin development, version control, managing external libraries as well.

They have Windows and Mac versions as well



PyCharm looks good. I use it already for a Phyton tutorial I found on Youtube.

But I don't understand yet how to use PyCharm to write Phyton Scripts for Vectorworks? How does PyCharm know the special functions and calls that exist in Vectorworks? How can I test Phyton scripts with Vectorworks functions from within PyCharm?

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