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Electrical Switches, Outlets, and Cover Plate symbols?

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22 hours ago, vmaini said:

Super work Bruce!

Anybody knows if is possible to edit the 3d Appearance of the Receptacle ..Devices of the Vector Tool?


The Receptacle tool is very basic. All I can do is apply a different color or texture, and make simple modifications in the tool's settings dialog box.

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Thank you Bruce, Yes . Actually I like that is a very simple to use tool...the problem for me is that uses all the graphics standards of UK- USA. I succeeded in changing the 2d aspect to have the appearance used here in Spain . The Italian version of VectorWorks (that I have used ) has a great tool for designing and placing in wall receptacles  and switches that basically works with the three components that you have also made: box + components + finishing. Within the tool you can decide were to place the boxes ...for example in the same vertical line next to a door but with different heights for the different elements, very nice but quiet complex to use/learn . I've seen this same structure  in the Revit family that BTicino has made ... impossible to use in VW. Actually I found this MEP part one of the most annoying things to "count" and describe in projects...and is a part with significant budget needs ... so it would be great to have in the international version of VW the Tool available only in VW Italy and Germany . Ups I wrote a lot 😅. All the best to you! ciao!

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