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joining roofs

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I need a roof (ridge running north south) on a new extension to flow into a gable roof (running east west) on an existing building. The join should be like a hip dormer that extends off the east west roof to cover the new extension. I have tried creating and editing a t shaped poly covering both buildings and it gets close but where the new roof hits the old roof it goes all weird. Any suggestions (if this is at all understandable), cheers tommy banana

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Have you tried using the "Create Roof Face" command? It is pretty simple to use. In TOP PLAN view, draw a polygon for each face of the roof (just like you would in the old days). Select one of the poly's and go to AEC>CREATE ROOF FACE. Fill in all of the required data, then when you hit OK, draw a line perpendicular to the pitch, then click once, then make sure the little arrow points UP the roof face, and click again. Do this for all remaining faces. Then yo can adjust them up or down by going to a front (or sude) view and using the MOVE command. Good Luck, and Have Fun!

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Tommy - I have just tried it and it works fine for me.

What version are you using and what are the dimensions for your two rectangles?

You also should provide:

- Whether the rectangle dimensions are overall of the roof or to the walls below.

- the heights of the eaves for each component

- what the overhangs are for eaves and gables

- the roof edge style

- the roof pitchs of the two components

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