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Generated 3D Plant Graphics

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Hi All,

Have you ever played with the plant style/ symbol visualisation - particularly the 3D graphics?

I understand that the automatically generated graphics are either based on grids, shells or volumes. I was wondering if it was possible to upgrade the script to generate a symbol that resembles better such plants as grasses (seems to be potential super easy to achieve with grids) or flowers (even a ball on top of a wire-thin stem would be a step forward). Could something like that be done with 3rd party scripting?

What other options are there to achieve better results with 3D plants than props and the limited generated graphics? What is your experience or workflows?

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Yes.  I have not resolved it yet though.  There are some 3d plants available on VW which to my understanding  can be maniuplated and linked to your plant styles.  This is an older video I found this morning but have yet to mess with it.  I've been in 2d for the past two years with the exception of messing around so now I'm asking the same questions.  You can also bring in image props with plant images.  Its a bit time consuming though and you'll need to create an alpha channel.  I used an app called GIMP 2.10.22.  It took me a day to figure out how to do it and I was able to create a couple image props.  But with anything VW its a deep dive to learn anything.  That's what I got.  Hope it helps.

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Buy 3D models other people have toiled with for 100s of hours.  Or build your own using plant generator software outside the VWX environment.  Then, add those to your plant objects.  Building a realistic 3D plant builder in VWX is a specialized tool in a very small market, better to borrow from the more established players in the space IMHO.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts, @Landartma. Indeed, so far i've been using image props drawn in a 3rd party software. But this doesn't work when I need to share the model in IFC, for example. hence the need for simple truly 3d models.


@jeff prince, yes of course buying model is always a solution and bless all those people who craft these super realistic objects. 


I know that once a 3D graphics has been associated with a plant style, it can then be replaced manually in the edition mode. I managed to replace the generated model with one imported from SketchUp. For now, this is the easiest and cheapest solution I've come across.


Nevertheless, I wish that the built-in automatic 3d graphic generation tool had presets to create some other basic plant forms, e.g. simple palm trees (and ferns = i.e. palm without the stem), grass, flowers. The tools is there - it's just about adding some options to it. That's why I was wondering if there is a way to enhance it/ customise it.

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