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Massing of Plants

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I am sure in a previous iteration of VW there was a handy little tick box which allowed me to mass together the outline of plants on the drawing.  This seems to have disappeared - is it still possible to do this without setting up en entire new style of planting? I can see the box for mass planting outline on the object info palette but not how to create them to mass in the first place.   I'm looking for something quick and easy.  Please point me in the right direction!




VWX 2022 Landmark

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It's been renamed - one of the many helpful updates that VW2022 has had with regards to the plant tools 😉

Under the plant style settings, it's on the Appearance tab and is now a tick box called "Apply fill across plant grouping". 

Quite annoying as "Mass plants" was very clear.

Screenshot below:


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