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VW2022 Line Endpoint Style Always Visible When Make All Attributes By Class



We are finally transitioning to VW2022 and noticed that the line endpoint style (i.e. arrow, dot, etc.) is always visible on objects that are set to Make All Attributes by Class. It appears that this is intentional since in previous versions, the ability to have endpoints visible under when setting objects to use the class settings wasn't possible and had to be controlled on individual elements. 


That said, it doesn't appear that there is anywhere to set a class style to have NONE as an option for the endpoint style? You can individually set objects to have no endpoint, but this defeats the purpose of the Make All Attributes By Class.


It seems that VW solved one problem by creating another...and the solution is to add the ability to have a endpoint style be set to None in the class settings.


Am I missing something?

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I just wanted to repost this to see if any progress has been made on adding a None option to the line endpoint style inside the class options dialog. It would really solve the problem and allow us to continue our use of Make All Attributes By Class effectively.

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I don't believe this is going to be changed.


I do believe that in VW 2022 SP3, the action of the Set All Attributes By Class was changed so that the markers are not set to By Class. 


Since the number of objects that you will want to have markers is typically much lower than the number without, the ability/requirement to manually set those objects to By Class seems reasonable.


While I agree with you that a None marker and setting all attributes to By Class would be a good solution, I have a feeling there is something deeper in the implementation that makes this challenging.

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Thanks @Pat Stanford. You're right, I just checked this out in SP3 and it appears to be "fixed"...meaning it at least reverted back to prior functionality where markers were not activated as a part of Make All Attributes By Class.


While I think this functionality is fine and matches the way we have used the program forever...I didn't have an issue with the idea that maybe markers could/should be activated for certain specific classes through Make All Attributes By Class...only if that were the case, then None should also be an option in the Class Settings.


Anyway, as long as it stays this way, I guess I'm still fine with it.


Thanks again.

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