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problems with hatches printing completely.


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@Pat Stanford thanks for looking at this.

I checked the polygon and the class A-BLDG-SLAB.


screen grab:



I have a line weight override up to 1.00 from 0.35 and I have a fill override with a hatch from Kats Hatches.


FYI - This is an older file - on of the first I moved over from AutoCAD. 

I now put my foundation slab on a separate layer than the walls and have the foundation class set to a hatch fill in the class settings.



Note: None of my line styles seem to show on screen unless I'm zoomed in very close.

Is there a setting to make them visible in Sheet layers?

I do have 'zoom line thicknesses' on - should I?


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1 hour ago, Peter Vandewalle said:

...For the linestyles not showing: what scale is the design layer?

I draw most everything in 1/4"=1'    but this particular file is 1/8"=1'


I've learned to forget my autocad norm of using the internal origin from the civil files!

I now move everything so that I'm working to the immediate upper right of the VW internal origin point.


...but I will see if I've got a straggler stuck way out on the edge.

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13 hours ago, hollister design Studio said:

FYI - This is an older file - on of the first I moved over from AutoCAD. 

Did you (have to) rescale the file after the import?

That could cause the linestyles to be too small and hatches be too dense also.

Try to never rescale an imported dwg, rather import again (in a new file) using the correct units.

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