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Unable to Download Online Resources



When I try to download a symbol, the download progress bar appears, but doesn't move. I eventually (if I'm lucky) get an error message "Vectorworks was unable to download the online resources from (packages.vectorworks.net/2022/NNA/eng/resourcemanager/release/Objects - Building Equip_Appliances/Advance Tabco Faucets and Acc.vwx). Please check your internet connection."


My internet connection is fine. Any idea what could be causing this issue?

I'm using VW2022 on a M1 Max MacBook Pro.

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  • Vectorworks' communication efforts are being blocked


  • Vectorworks is being prevented from saving the downloaded content.

Given your precise and therefore insightful description of the problem, I'm sure the issue is the former: 



If communication is the issue: 

  • macOS firewall.  > System Preferences… > Security & Privacy > Firewall. - If it's on, this is likely the cause. 
  • Antivirus software with its own firewall. - If you have antivirus on your Mac, this is a more likely cause. 
  • A firewall turned on in your router. - Very rare. 
  • Antivirus software, a proxy server, or other technical measures implemented in a corporate network (typical in medium-to-large companies or institutions). - If you're on one of these, this is the most likely cause. 

But, if anyone finds this thread in future and for whom the progress bar… well, progresses but the download fails, the reason will probably be: 



Vectorworks doesn't have permission to write files to your hard drive: 


Use the following guide to provide Vectorworks with the necessary permissions. Also, if you have aftermarket antivirus installed or other 'guardian' type software, I'd keep in mind that it may have created this problem. 


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Thank you @Jeremy Best for the advice.

1. MacOS Firewall is off.

2. I don't have anti virus software.

3. I have a T-Mobile 5G Home Internet router. I've had it for almost 9 months so I don't think that is the problem unless T-Mobile made a change to it remotely. The app for managing it does not contain any information pertaining to firewall configurations.  

4. I work from home so there is no corporate network firewall or configurations.


I still can not download any online resources. At a loss for what to do...

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I missed that last one. I was really hoping that would work. My permission was already set to Read & Write and I highlighted it and choose Apply to Enclosed Items. But still stuck at the download pop up. Sometimes I get an error message but it is rare. Usually I need to force quit. 

Screen Shot 2022-02-24 at 9.58.46 AM.png

Screen Shot 2022-02-14 at 2.36.27 PM.png

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Just got off the phone with Service Select Priority Support. She said I needed to go to Help > Download Content and then install the Library that I want to use. It seems idiotic that I have to download the entire library to use it. I used to be able to just download a single symbol from the Resource Manager. It such an incredible waste of resources on my laptop. 

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TL;DR: Try Resetting Vectorworks Preferences, making sure to preserve and exclude your existing Vectorworks User Folder. 


My very specific response to your situation is: 


2 hours ago, Sky said:

She said I needed to go to Help > Download Content


Did the above work? 


I agree, if preservation of your hard drive space is important that is a sucky alternative, but hopefully they prescribed it as an interim measure while the case continues…? 


I find this quite a interesting case (Sorry it's at your expense Sky!). 


IF you can download library content using the Vectorworks Package Manager: 

  • We can almost certainly rule out firewalls and outside interference. 
  • Use the same technique in previous comment to check and correct if necessary; the permissions set on your Vectorworks User Folder (and all subfolders). In Finder, use Go > Go to Folder…, paste in ~/Library/Application Support/Vectorworks, then click 'Go.' 

IF you can't download Library content using the Vectorworks Package Manager


IF the permissions of your current Vectorworks User Folder are fine


IF you still can't download Vectorworks Libraries content despite correcting the permissions applied to the User Folder:


Then I suspect either your Vectorworks User Folder and/or hidden Vectorworks .plist files, or your current installation of Vectorworks contains a corruption. (Given the symptoms so far, I'd say it's either your User Folder or .plist files). 

  • The solution for corrupt User Folder data and/or .plist files is the process of Resetting Vectorworks Preferences. (Read and abide the instructions precisely). ⬅ Try this first, regardless. 
  • The solution for the latter is a clean installation of Vectorworks. In your case, I recommend:
    1. Download the latest installer and install Vectorworks. While that's happening… 
    2. Make a copy of your Vectorworks User Folder. (Append the name or put it elsewhere).
    3. Use the dedicated 'Uninstall' app in the Vectorworks application folder and choose to remove the original User Folder when asked. 
    4. Reinstall Vectorworks. 
    5. Re-test for the issue before reinstating your saved/prior Vectorworks User Folder. 
      1. If the issue is gone, quit Vectorworks and reinstate your prior User Folder. 
      2. Test again and report the result. 

I'm quite keen to determine if this is caused by .plist files or your User Folder, but unless you're prepared to exclude them individually, we won't get to find out which is responsible. 

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I am unable to actually test these anymore. I download many, but not all, of the Content Library. And I was able to download an individual resource today without a problem (two actually!). So it is resolved and I'm not sure what the problem was.


Thank you for your help @Jeremy Best!

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