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Windows acting up again

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I've had this problem a hand full of times, No duplicate walls, window says "Window in Wall" and no second window. I'm thinking it has got to be a bug. It always seems to affect only one window per plan. If I offset the window to where the glass is further forward than the outside of the wall it almost looks normal, but you can see the funk behind it.

Thanks for any help,

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Indeed... this is an issue. The v11 solution used to be 'flipping' the window in the wall to recover the 'cut-out'. But lately in v11.5 there seems to be no way to recover the look. Octagon windows that worked perfectly before now have a vertical wall intrusion along one edge. Also, the texture map orientation is lost after each quit & re-launch of VW. Now I must use Photoshop to correct otherwise excellent renderings.

Here's the way it used to look BEFORE:


And rendered with v11.5.1, note the offset texture and cut-off of window by the wall intrusion:


Hopefully the Programmers will be able to manage this one for us.

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