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accuracy in vectorworks


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I have trouble drawing acurately in vectorworks. I'll work with a design for a while and it's accuracy seems to degrade over time. items which were 12'4" long last week are now 12'3.894" today. I spend a lot of time just going back and cleaning up the drawings. It becomes wearing since i can't depend on a file to be consistent from one day to the next.

any advice on drawing practices, recommended SOP's?

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Dimension accuracy (the number of decimal places which a dimension is rounded to) is a document preference. What may be happening here is that you're working in different files, each with different unit settings?

You might try setting up a default document (a "template") with the unit settings predefined.

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I don't think that's it Robert.

I've experienced the same thing; (more than)one document randomly appearing to "loose" a tiny increment of dimensions with out any settings being changed.

That was in VW9 and VW10 -don't know about VW11


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When I first started using VectorWorks (then called MiniCad), I used to set the size of objects I was drawing by watching the data display bar value change until I saw the number I wanted, and then clicking the mouse to select that dimension. I remember noticing that the dimension that showed up later in the Object Info palette usually turned out to be slightly different, by increments similar to those you described.

So I started typing the dimension I wanted instead, using the numeric keypad, which turned out to be faster than my old method, and after that the dimensions always remained precisely what I had entered.

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