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Entering Site Data

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For many of my projects I don't have professional surveys so I shoot my own grades and do a bit of ocular estimating.  I am working on becoming more efficient in site modeling so I'm looking for opinions on the best way to go about laying out those grades in preparation for creating a site model.  So far I have laid them out using the stake tool as source data and the boundary tool.   Opinions?   

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I used to do that.  Now I just wave my iPhone around and do lidar scans to collect the data and surface.  That and/or the drone.  They are not as accurate as a good survey, but neither is running around with a notebook, rod,and level 🙂

The time savings are incredible.

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2 minutes ago, Landartma said:

LIDAR Scans?  Man am I behind the times.  Glad I asked.  Are you using specific equipment or software for it?


iphone 13 pro with Scaniverse or Polycam, depending on the work.  Scaniverse is doing a good job outdoors with snow.  I’ll probably share that project when it’s further along and explainable 🙂




mavic pro drone with a variety of softwares.  I’ve written about this several times on the forum.  Here’s a couple of threads to get you started.




the iPhone scanning is proving itself quite valuable to the task, as long as you are not expecting survey grade results.




this is a cropped model for developing a section.  You can see the erosion bales at the toe of the slope and utilities in the open trenches.



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I had a client who did the same kind of thing professionally with drones.  I believe he works for a big civil company or real estate developer.  I met him last year he was saying they produce some pretty accurate stuff.  I'm not sure what systems they are using but I'm guessing they are high end systems.  


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