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Is it possible to call a VS routine (or menu command) from a marionette object?

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some time ago I made a Vectorscript Menu command that computes the current date and writes to a database record.

Now I'd like to implement this in a Marionette Object. Whenever I click a button in the OIP of the Marionette Object it should call the Vectorscript.


Is this or something similar possible and how do I do it?

Thanks for help


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I think you will be better off reimplementing the command in Marionette rather than trying to call a menu command from the Marionette object.


Since there are no date functions in Marionette you could either implement a node that does all the calculations by converting the script to Python, or you could possibly write a node that implements the Vectorscript DoMenuTextByName command to run the existing script you have.


I would recommend the first if you are going to the trouble to learn how to make/edit nodes it will make things more stable.

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