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Edit Circuit Graphics Formula?

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Does Edit Circuit Graphics Arrow Text Formula support use of formulas? Like if I like to show different value if destination is Control panel object or device. This because I would like to hide CTP_ prefix from schematics. It just makes drawing harder to read when you are searching something that is not existing. I have not a single CTP_KJ 1 object on scematics I have KJ 1 objects plenty.



You see in example I have connector panel KJ 1 and sockets 01 to 06 but arrow circuit tells me to search object that starts with CTP_ and there is not devices with that name on drawings(Top Circuit). If I use custom arrow with TextFormula #Circuit.Device Tag# #Circuit.Socket Name# then I have duplicate socket info on arrow(Bottom Circuit). Then again if I use only #Circuit.Device Tag# (Center Circuit) I'm missing info of source tag what is valuable piece of information.


I would like to use some kind of formula that reads if device name starts with CTP_ then uses Socket Tag information and if it isn't CTP_ uses device name.


Or is there better way to not show CTP_ prefixes on arrows?

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