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Active Layer Linked Objects

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I am trying to create an exterior elevation. When I try to link layers to be visible, the roof layer is missing from the list. The pop up says that layers with active linked objects won't be listed. How do I delete them from the desired layers so I can link them into the model elevation view? Thanks!


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HI there,

Thanks for the reply. I did add another layer and tried the same thing and the roof layer was still omitted from the list. I tried checking visibilities and everything was fine. The only reason I can think of because of the prompt is that the roof layer contains layerlink objects. I can't find out what layerlink objects are to remove them. Also, when I try to convert copy to lines, it doesn't break up the drawing...even after I ungroup the selection. I must be doing something basically wrong.


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With Custom Selection 2 you can search for Layer Links. Add a filter of Layer and you will quickly be able to determine if their are layerlinked objects on your Roof layer and if so what they are.

Having said that, in a simple exercise I was able to link in a layer with linked objects on it (and have the changes update in all) so I don't think this is your problem.

I wuld check the Z of your roof layer to make sure that your roof is not way above the rest of the model. try zooming way out in your model view and see if anything comes into view.

Other possibilities:

- If you are using Saved Sheets check that the required classes are set to visible.

- If you are using a Viewport check that the required Layers and Layers are set to visible.

- Make sure your roof is a 3D object and that it does have a fill.

NOTE: with Layer Links make sure that you aren't linking in the same objects twice into your final model layer. If they are coincident you are likely to end up with pixelated renders.


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