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Add the ability to create a shortcut to reverse-toggle Mode Groups of a tool



It'd be great if you could set option+U, option+I, option+O, option+P to toggle backwards among the Mode Groups of a tool just as U, I, O, and P toggle forwards for the tools. 


All we need is the ability in the "Keys" section of the workspace editor! It would reduce keystrokes in many different workflows.

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A different but related request on my part would be to have a better indication of which mode is currently active. I'm thinking primarily of the Reshape Tool (which has 7 'U' modes) but also Move by Points + Rectangle: I am happy quickly whacking the U key however many times is necessary but the issue I have is knowing where to stop. You only know which mode you've arrived at by glancing all the way over to the Basic tool palette or by opening Smart Options Display - which prompts another question: can Smart Options Display be made faster? I really love it but it takes way too long to appear after hitting the Space bar.


So for me, I'd either like to see Smart Options Display appear instantaneously on the screen rather than with the current delay. Or otherwise it would be really useful to have some kind of indicator at the cursor to tell you which tool mode is currently active: perhaps just a small '1', '2', '3' etc beside it? Then I'd know, on hitting the '-' key to activate the Reshape Tool for example, which mode was active + how many times I need to hit 'U' to get to the mode I wanted.

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The problem that I have with the mode bar (and also the mode bar in the Smart Option Display) is that's only in one direction, that's why I really like the ideas I'm reading here👍.

They could also make it possible to have the modes in a revolver. For example, hit "U" once to activate the first mode group and start scrolling. See this topic: 


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