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Basic rendering with Architect


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Question 1.

Can I render the interiors of a room in white with just VW or Architect? I do not have RenderWorks.

Question 2.

How do I make glass window or door symbols translucent to light? When I do a 3D view, my windows are opaque and are as grey/brown as the walls.

Question 3.

How do I apply room finishes?

I am new and am learning how to use VW first before I buy RenderWorks as I was told that some basic rendering was possible with the VW or Architect. Please help!

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1- use the class attributes of the walls (the fill color), to get your desired effect. you do not need renderworks, but it helps.

2- glazing is controlled by the 'style-glazing-' classes. make sure the glazing is given a style class through the object info pallette, than remove the fill from that class. this way your windows will appear transparent.

3- literal rooms finishes are something i try to avoid, as it takes a lot of time to get something to look just right. plus the client will always thinks it will look thats way. this is where renderworks is useful, and you can apply textures to walls/floors/ceilings again through classes.

you are quite ambitious for a beginner. i hope you do not overwhelm yourself. i would aim lower and give yourself a healthy learning curve...

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Hi Jim,

Thanks for your tips. I will try them out. Yes, I have been accused of wanting to run before I could really walk. It is just that when I was in the NNA training class, I was able to do many wonderful things with the guidance of the instructor. However, I can't be sure now what I remember was from VW or RW (as I sat in for both classes). I am pretty sure though that a lot of things was possible with just VW.

For instance, I knew how to create some 3D symbols which now I seem to have forgotten. And when I do, I keep losing them because I save them in the wrong places. (This I shall read up and try again or save it for another thread)..

I just need practice..

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Okay I managed with the window and door glazings. It was as simple as I remembered it. I think I was trying to do that on a drawing created by VW10.5, if that makes any sense to why it didn't work no matter how much I have tried to adjust the Object Info palette.

As for the wall finishes, no matter what colour I apply, they still appear grey/brown with lighting and black without lighting. That's really unfortunate!

Many thanks for your tips.

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Rendering in OpenGL will give white surfaces gray shades so as to be able to differentiate between them. Adding a fill color will still produce different shades, but they should no longer be gray. Is it possible you are adjusting the class default fills while the objects themselves are not set to take on their class colors (in the attributes pallet)?

Any symbols you create should be able to be found via the resource browser in the file where the symbol was created.

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