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Roofs... HELP


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Okay.. I bought the 2 cds, have 2 books, took the class in LA and yet still cannot find a descent tutorial or walkthrough on creating a specific roof. I know the auto roof tool is nice, but what if you want something different.

Anyone feel like holding my hand?


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Some roof designs just plain don't lend themselves to automated creation. The roof face tool is very useful in most of these situations. Draw the roof profile in plan with a rectangle or polygon, select the command, go through the settings, when you exit you will need to draw a line on your plan to represent the roof axis (and Z height location), then click again on the upslope side. If you have further problems post again.

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Have a look at the movies in the 'Feature Demos' section of the Architect information on the NNA site:

- Roofing Enhancements

- ARCHITECT Commercial Product Tour

You could also try the Essentials and Architect ArchonCAD Training Manuals listed in the 3rd Party Resources section of the Training information on the NNA site.

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Both of the above suggestions are excellent.

Perhaps you could start with a rectangle or maybe a tee-shaped polygon of dimensions that would approximate a real structure. Issue the Create Roof from Polygon command. Notice that it creates a hipped roof of the pitch and overhang you specified. Click on any of the wall-line center-points to edit that face of the roof, or the whole roof by checking the appropriate box. Use the 2D Reshape tool to edit the shape and/or size. (You can add vertices and thus new faces.) I've learned that the Auto Roof Plug-in will accept edits of more complex geometry than it will create from scratch.

I use the "auto-roof" tool a lot. Most often I create a roof from polygon that is fairly close to the desired final product. Sometimes I'll create two (or more) roofs from overlapping polygons, if needed. (For compound pitches, etc.)

Finally, try Ungrouping the roof. This will convert it into a collection of Roof Faces. These can then be individually edited. . .such as to eliminate the overlapping areas. It took me quite a while to get my head wrapped around creating roof faces directly from rectangles, so I've generally tried to get where I need to with the auto tool first.

I've spent better than 20 years actually building all sorts of roofs: compound pitches, multiple valley/hip configurations, segmented radii in all variety of segments. I've not yet envisioned a roof that I couldn't model fairly quickly and accurately in VWA. Tho it's not perhaps the bread-and-butter of our design operation, I'd buy the program just for this capability. It's a powerful tool!

Dig in, experiment. And keep asking questions.

Good luck,

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To get the last gable to show up, you could add a couple of extra points along that left wall.

Pretend you are drawing another entire "wing", under where the gable is to go, but only make it 2mm deep.

You may need it edit the original polygon you used to make the roof, the "create roof from polygon" again.

It should be straight-forward.

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I GOT IT! I don't mean I understand (well that too - thanks to Robert who was VERY patient)

But what I mean is I did it. From Scratch. I followed your instructions and added the small offset. Was a bit tricky I had a prob trying to use the bearing height instead of the pitch angle and couldn't get the front two gables to rise above the main roof height, but once I adjusted the pitch it worked!!

WOO WOO!!! Thanks again for all your good advice and help!

When I am done with the model I will post it.


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