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How to Clip or Hide Part of 2D Plant Extending Beyond a Fence or Wall


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I'm wondering if there is a simple way to hide the parts of plants that extend beyond a fence or wall in 2D plans. In some circumstances, it makes sense to place plants close to walls, and depending on the type of plant, the growth will not extend beyond the surface of the wall (or fence), so it would be easier to understand a 2D plan if I could clip the part or the symbols beyond the wall.


In the example below, I would like the 2D symbols for these shrubs and coniferous trees to stop along the inside of that dark fence.


Thanks for any tips you can provide!




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You could mask the trees with a polygon in the annotation space or design layer, that’s probably fastest.


Stacked viewports with your tree design layer only showing on one of them, draw order that to the top, clip the viewport to suit, slightly more effort.


Create custom symbols for this condition…insane waste of time.


Print your plans to PDF, one for the plan, the other for the trees, modify in photo editor… insane waste of time unless it’s a final version of an illustrative plan.


Live with it as landscape architects have done for decades, insane savings of time 😉


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26 minutes ago, jmccain8 said:

Thanks for these rated ideas, Jeff!  If I mask the section beyond the fence with a polygon, wouldn't it have to be filled and at 100% opacity? I'd rather not fill the entire area beyond the fence. Or have I misunderstood you? I'm still somewhat of a novice 🤪

Yes, you will need polys with no pen, but 100% fill to mask them out.
If you place features on different design layers you can change the stacking order of the layers to achieve the look you want.

by placing your tree masks on a separate design layer, you can quickly adjust all of their positions in the stack at once as compared to using a “draw order methodology” to achieve the same.

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