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Plant count function not working



I'm noticing that in Vectorworks 2022, the plant count function is providing both the number of plant records present and the number of plant objects present. For example, I have 25 trees, shown in 5 different plant object groups. The plant count function tells me I have 30 trees, because it is adding these up, when in fact I only have 25 trees in 5 groups. How can I prevent this with criteria, or is this is fault in the function?

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I am going to need some more information. I can't seem to duplicate this easily.


When I create 5 plants and 2 plant areas (by polygon) and create a database of Plants I get seven items. 


1. What is the Plant Count function? I can't find it in the Worksheet function list.

2. Is this a function in a spreadsheet cell or a database cell? If it is in a database, what are the current criteria for the database?

3. Can you post a simple test file showing the problem?

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Hi Tara,

I've just made a quick test of the example you're describing and I only get 25 trees. Can you share your criteria for the selection, please? Maybe I'm missing something?

You can see below what I've been using. I've summarised the items for Latin name and summed the values for count, hence only one line.

Screenshot 2022-01-29 at 06.50.25.png

Screenshot 2022-01-29 at 06.54.39.png

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