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Direct Link and Not Working With Vectorworks 2022 SP2.1 and Twinmotion 2022.1



Hi all,


I have posted this in another thread, VW technicians are aware of it and looking to resolve it in SP3. In the meantime I wondered if anyone could suggest an efficient work around?


The problem is that Twinmotion cannot see the Direct Link from the latest VW and no geometry can be imported into TM.


Clearing out the cache for Twinmotion and VW seems to help sometimes but the Direct Link soon breaks. 


I'm running Twinmotion 2022.1 and Vectorworks 2022 SP2.1 on a Mac with Monterey 12.1


Any help would be appreciated as I have Clients waiting for renders. I can of course export a Datasmith or Cinema 4D file but each export resets the materials in Twinmotion which I am hoping will not be the case with Direct Link.


Thank you very much


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Thanks Hans-Olav,


I used to find that planes disappeared with FBX files particularly on extruded shapes, which is why I switched to C4D.


I've just tried an FBX export again and whilst it doesn't reset the materials applied in TM there still seem to be issued with missing planes from extrudes for some reason.  



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It was said that all VW Materials automatically export to TM

with 2-sided option activated.

I had the same in the past nevertheless.


Like C4D uses 2 sided by default for everything. That's is why you mostly don't

noticeVW's strange geometry in Rendering. Just when Mesh Editing in C4D or

when geometry has real holes, missing or corrupted geometry (Stairs !?)

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