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Direct Link to Twinmotion resets most materials



I originally replied to a thread in the Rendering forum, but reposting it here as a new topic in the hope that it gets more traction.


I'm encountering a bug when using the Datasmith Direct Link Synchronize tool (this button: DatasmithDL_DLSync_mode.png.02d9b4c5f901c9c04af96ec31f35a7b1.png) with Vectorworks 2022 SP2.1 and Twinmotion 2022.1 (Windows 10 64-bit). Sometimes a few of the material overrides stick, but most of the time all the materials in my Twinmotion model revert to their original state when I send an update from Vectorworks.


I'm not certain, but it seems to happen most frequently when adding new textures or objects to the VW file. Deleting or moving existing objects doesn't seem to cause the materials to lose their overrides.


Are others still experiencing this bug in the latest versions of Twinmotion/Vectorworks? Is there a workaround at this time? Thanks for any suggestions!

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello @tsw:

Vectorworks 2022 Service Pack 3 includes many important fixes for Datasmith/Twinmotion.  Please update to Service Pack 3 and let us know whether these issues are improved and/or resolved.  Thanks!


Regarding material overrides, there are cases where objects are deleted and recreated in Vectorworks and this still results in the material overrides being lost in Twinmotion.  One case is changing plug-in object parameters, another is resizing of walls.  When possible the overrides should be more persistent in SP3.


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