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Numbered Plant List with Reports?

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Is there a way with the create report feature to make a numbered plant list? Where the numbers are visible on the report placed on the sheet (corresponding to the appropriate alphabetically arranged plants on the list?) The rows are numbered when you double click to interact with the file but they do not show up on the finished report.

I create a numbered plant list for clients in the concept phase and number each plant on the plan accordingly. I found this easier and less cluttered than call outs for the work that we do and in fact even started using it for finished plans. I would use the "Notes" column and put it to the left of the plants Latin name and just manually enter the appropriate number for each design. A bit tedious as I sometimes have up to 100 different species on a design but not too bad and it worked well for me.

With VW 2022 however each time I try to manually enter something into the "Notes" column on the report I get a pop up warning me: "This value is provided by the Plant Style, editing will modify the Plant Stype and ptentially other Plant and Landscape Area objects that use it. Do you want to proceed?"  This would be fine if there was a checkbox I could mark that I don't want to be warned again but there is not. I used to be able to just put in the number on the worksheet, hit enter, it would move down to the next number. Now I have to manually click the box, type in the number, hit "Yes" I want to proceed, manually click the next box and repeat this process over and over. 

We don't use the notes for anything else so I don't care if there is a number in that box. This is not a question of adding the number into the plant style because different plants are used for different designs so it is something that has to be changed for each design. Unless there is a way to have the report automatically number each list I feel like once again a change has been made that forces me to do more work.


Adding an example from a recently finished PDF using VW2020 of what I am looking for. 


Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 4.46.03 PM.png

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Re-reading your original post, it might be possible to edit the Plant Style and change the setting for that field to be By Instance instead of By Style. Then you should be able to manually enter the numbers you desire.


This might be the difference between the 2021 and 2022 behavior.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee


The Plant tool has 'graduated' in 2022 so plants are now 'true styles' - this has changed a few workflows and you've got many new great possibilities with it.

You can now use the worksheet to push data back to the plant style itself and hence work more actively with it instead of just using it for a report. This is a huge advantage, for example if you have sent out the plant schedule to a nursery and have received a list of subs or available scheduled sizes. You can then go in and edit the styles via the worksheet instead of having to go in to each individual plant style and change this. This is an important step in keeping the planting plan 'true' to what is being built and something that is often missed in a workflow. 

You can even change the spread and height of a plant via the worksheet and this will then be adjusted in the drawing.

However, this has removed the ability to (via the worksheet) put in info, different per each instance of the style - if you change something belonging to the style, it will 'push' to the style itself for all existing instances in the file - hence the warning. You can see the effect this has if you go in to the style and look in the 'Planting Schedule Comments' field - your number has become a part of the plant style itself in the file.

The only difference for your workflow is that you have to respond 'yes' to the pop-up warning. We can discuss this with the developers and see if it's possible to add an opt-out for the warning, so you don't have to do this every time. Theoretically, this would be possible - however, this is such an important change in how the worksheet interacts with the styles, that it might have to be there. I'll keep you updated on what they say.


I know change is always a bit cumbersome in the beginning, especially if it inflicts on a preferred, ingrained workflow. I do hope you'll find the changes to the plant styles positive as a whole, even if the numbering of the plant list has changed slightly.

I'm also interested in how you're using the worksheet - I can't see any quantities in the list above, so maybe you're using it as a key or legend? 

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This is a bit off subject but I just put another post out there.  I am looking to simply grab the square footage from my plant beds and walk ways.  The menu looks very different.  I used to be able to select the layer(s) and choose square foot or area and It would generate it in the report.  Where did that go in 2022.  Should be very apparent.

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