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Roof Drains Modifications constantly crash vectorworks 2022 sp 2.1

Samuel Derenboim


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Hi @Samuel Derenboim, I provide technical support for the New Zealand distributor of Vectorworks. I'm sorry to hear that this is your experience. Every year a small percentage of users experience a number of problems that coincide with upgrading their software. The good news is that; unless your workflow just happens to encounter more bugs than most users, the cause of most is likely not software bugs and can be resolved using the usual remedies. 


For context, the last statistics I saw on bugs showed that the quantity in each version was not higher than the one before. 


Here's how to determine if an issue is due to a bug or not: 

  1. Ensure you're using a supported operating system (at this time, Windows 10 or 11) and that it is up-to-date. 
  2. Ensure your graphics card driver is no more than six months old. (Google it if you don't know how). 
  3. Ensure Vectorworks is 'assigned' to use the dedicated (more powerful) graphics card
  4. Make sure to install Vectorworks with no antivirus active. (Disable any function named 'real time' or similar, before and throughout the installation). If you didn't do this during installation, uninstall Vectorworks then reinstall with it disabled. 
  5. Do not have any other software open while verifying issues. 
  6. As you're on Windows, see if this article applies to your computer. 
  7. When opening Vectorworks for the first time, refuse the offer to migrate any data from your previous version. (You can do this later if desired). 
  8. Open a new blank document, (not any of your existing files and not your customised default file if you have one and not a template file), and see if you can invoke the same issue in this file.
    • If it does not, it is very unlikely to be a bug and the issues you're experiencing will probably be due to corrupt User Folder data (see Resetting Vectorworks Preferences) or a corruption in the file concerned - either caused by the migration process or something that just didn't exhibit until the current version. If you can't resolve the matter yourself, contact your local distributor. 
    • If it does, submit your findings on the Vectorworks bug submit page


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On 2/20/2022 at 7:25 AM, station said:

do I need to update a 1K card every 6months to modify a slab drain??


No. I wrote that it is necessary to ensure graphics card *drivers* are not older than 6 months. Not the graphics card itself, but the driver (software) installed that enables the computer to talk to it. This helps minimise the possibility that graphics card driver incompatibility or bugs are at play. 


I can appreciate why my extensive comment might read as patronising, but I was attempting to cover as many possible causes all in one comment, because I don't return here frequently enough to help users in a conversational manner. 

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