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Plants sketch style in 3D


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On 1/25/2022 at 9:19 AM, BGD said:


Is there a way to get sketching style or artistic style of rendering a plant in 3D view? These rendering style make any plant object look like rectangles :-)...

Thanks for the help

You have to use 3D geometry instead of image props.  Image props are just raster billboards, nothing for render works to render except a blank rectangle.  Alternatively, you can:


1.draw sketchy plants, save as image

2.add them to a plant object on a separate “sketchy class” as image prop

3. stack viewports to show your model with a sketch style (turn off plants)and plants as OpenGL (only the sketchy plant class active.)

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17 minutes ago, hollister design Studio said:


Is there a hidden layer control menu for "transparency", "overlay",or "multiply" option I'm missing? 

not that I’m aware of.  Viewports are objects, so draworder comes into play.  Viewport overrides help turn off or modify classes and design layers.  That’s one place you can get so fine control on transparency.  No multiply in VWX.

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If the viewport has a Renderworks Background then the viewport will be fully opaque and obscure other viewports. However if there is no RW background, then any blank area should be transparent... assuming the Viewport Fill is set to None and this checkbox is checked under the Viewport's Advanced Properties in the OIP:



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