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Adding Table to Dialog Box

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so i was playing around with the Speaker Array Tool and on the last tab they have a box with a table with resizable headers. what do you use to make that? i want to add a table to one of my plugins that uses dialog boxes? i've attached a picture of it. 


I'm currently working with the vs.CreateListBox() but i don't think I'm on the right path... 



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You cannot imagine how it was to put that description together, there was no documentation whatsoever.

It is also so complex, that I myself, in spite of having by now quite a lot of list browsers in usage, must consult that article for details.

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I would love to do an article about xml, that was also a pretty undocumented speciality that I shared quite a lot across like-minded friends.

Put together all the things learned, all the precious hints from the VW engineers.

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