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Broken Unified Views?



Here's my "symptom":  When working in Design Layers, if I change the view, it only changes it for the ACTIVE layer.  I literally have to activate every layer to get each layer to go to the view I want.  Every layer remembers the last view it was in, and it returns to that view always, until I change the view for that layer.  OMFG


I've got a sizable file that was created in VW2022 (although did import some layers and their objects from an older file back in Rev 1).  I'm on Rev 8, and sometime around Rev 6 or 7, it seems like Unified Views has been turned off.  Weird thing is, "Unified Views Off" is a Legacy Feature that I never turned on for the file.


I'm wondering if I triggered that legacy feature somehow indirectly.  And how to do I get rid of it?



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1 minute ago, TeresaHull said:

I never turned those features on, and the pop-up warning scared me enough to not want to try to turn them on, just to turn them off.



Unfortunately, if your File already contains "2D legacy" contaminated objects,

like Saved Views, Screen Plane Objects, Unified View OFF settings,

maybe even only coming from Imports or Referenced Files,

your File will have "2D Legacy" ON in document settings,

you will not get rid of.


But at least in that case, "2D Legacy" ON, you can activate the Unified View Icon

in Top Bar and switch it back on.

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Just now, TeresaHull said:

"2D Legacy" is not on in Document Preferences, and never has been.  But I fear that maybe it has been activated "behind the curtain" somehow, because it's started behaving like Unified View is an option.



Yes, from the different user problems I read,

I also think it is likely that there is a general issue.


My assumption,

Unified View, before VW 2022 had several options, like

"ignore Layers of with different scales" that are no more

available in VW 2022, even in 2D legacy mode.

(But maybe still existing somehow in parts of VW)


In the past, such options could have caused similar problems

like yours, even when Unified View was on.


So for fun, you could check if all your Layers have the same

Scale applied and give feedback if that changes anything.

(I always had my Layers at the same Scale - the Scale that

that most important Viewports uses)

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