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A smarter Smart Option Display



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And in VW2022 there is a Repeat Last Command menu item (and also a Recent Commands menu item).  


These are in the Edit Menu by default in the Designer workspace with no keyboard shortcuts. 


If you are using a custom workspace try adding them and giving them a shortcut instead of using the Smart Options Display.


If you convert your macros (scripts) to Plug-In Menu Commands (basically just copy the script into a Command Type PIO Script block in the PIO Manager, then you can add them to your workspace and they will work with Repeat Last Command.


If you leave them as scripts then they won't be seen by Repeat Last Command.



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Hi Peter,


Am I missing something here? I don't have Last Command and Recent Commands under right click. I even looked in Workspace Edit to see if was there.


Can you expand your suggestion please?


Wow, a search on the web for "Repeat Last Command" goes back to before this new platform. All asking the same thing as below.


Below left is what I currently have thanks to Pat ( Previous Tools ), however, on the right is what I want. An example list of commands/macros that I frequently use. 5 to 10 would be good.



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Hi Peter,


Yes, I did migrated it across.


Your question prompted me to look at the standard workspace and I have found it.


However, it doesn't work when I add it to my migrated workspace. All other right click options have disappeared and only the Recent Commands is visible. Clicking on it crashes VW.




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This comment, by hollister design Studio, is in the above thread ... I never use 'views' because the number keys are too convenient - but could see this being helpful on a macbook...     (Except the thread starts as Smart Options Display , then wanders across the galaxy a bit )


So. posting this question here: A smarter Smart Option Display


Would like to create a Standard Views Set  for the Smart Options Display that only has a few of the "Standard Views"  - in logical order.

     Working on a laptop, sans Full Size keyboard, it would supplant the Standard Views Keypad Options with the Smart Options Display


Able to create several Tool Sets and link to the Smart Options Display quadrants, 

Unable to Make or Duplicate and Edit  the Standard Views.  (...are Standard Views are Menu Items ?) - see attached


     As always, any appropriate assistance, Smart Options Display Edit Standard Views.pdfanswers, and advice are aptly appreciated




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I am answering my own question above as I received comments from Tech Support that indicate some SOD Tool Palettes are NOT editable - One in particular is the Standard Views. It is assumed that ... "You can create a custom toolset in the Workspace Editor and add any tools you want, and then set the toolset as one of the SOD options"  


Working on a laptop with NO external mouse / keyboard, I have a Workspace with extra & modified Keyboard Shortcuts and extended sets of contextual menus. The SOD looks promising as it added opportunity to the efficiency mix. 


Would love a Standard Views Tool Set with only the few I need & use, positioned where I am able to land on them first.


     As always, any applicable answers and appropriate advice are aptly appreciated.




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