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Project Cost Estimate using Space Objects



It looks like there are no cost fields (such as "cost per square foot") associated with the Space object, so I named one of the User Fields "Cost per SF" and, per @Pat Stanford, because user fields are string values only, in my worksheet I used "VALUE(CELL)" to convert a numerical string into an actual, usable number.


My worksheet is set up to report on each space, so that different square foot costs can be entered for each space.  But I've also set up my worksheet to have a default cost per square foot so that, unless a cost is entered for any particular space, that space uses the default cost.  This is done with an "if then" statement (i.e., if the Space object's "Cost per SF" is 0, use the default cost, otherwise, use the cost entered for the Space).


But unfortunately, when a Space object is placed in the drawing, it seems its "Cost per SF" value is empty, rather than 0, AND, I can find no way with a worksheet formula to report on an empty string (such as, to say, if "Cost per SF" is empty (rather than if it's 0)).


So!  Is there a way to assign a default value for the user field of a Space object?




Is there a way to report on an empty string in a worksheet formula?


Or any other solution to achieve what I'm attempting...   Thanks!  VWIS229

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I did too!!  But it seems the "Universal" field names were also necessary to get it to work.  So, a big thanks to both of you @Pat Stanford & @michaelk!!!!


It was a bit of a knock-down battle, partly thanks to another formula looking at the wrong cell, and partly thanks to my somehow getting it into my mind that $0 made sense as "no custom cost for this room" instead of simply an empty string.  But now it seems to be working beautifully, and even better than I'd envisioned.  So, thank you!!

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