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2022 SP2.1 Seems to not work (Mac OS12.1)

Chris Rogers


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Update. I found the Repairs function on the Updater screen and ran that. It fixed 51 files. But the problem still exists.


I am using a laptop with a touchpad plus I have an outboard monitor, keyboard, keypad plugged in. The software works fine with the touchpad built into the laptop, but not with the outboard touchpad. Not sure where to go from here since the problem showed up with the Service Pack installation.


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I'm actually experiencing the same (or at least a similar) issue - also on 2022 with the latest Service Pack and likewise using an external monitor and k/b / mouse. I ran the repair tool as well (3043 files fixed - a first time using that!) but have managed to figure out a few things...


The issue seems to appear for me after I edit (double click and open) an XREF from within the main drawing, but then resolves itself when I close and reopen the main drawing.


I can still drag select an object (some I can directly select others I can’t) and although there's nothing showing in the Object Info palette at first, when I switch to a different layer and then back again (with the object still selected) the object info / data then appears.


Another issue which is perhaps related, is that I also have a problem snapping to the same XREF file when in a Viewport (in the annotations and crop view as well). Again, issue is resolved on restart but seems a little more random as to when it starts.


Be interested to know if you're still having the same problem or have managed a fix which doesn’t involve reopening the drawing all the time?



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