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importing layers from other Vectorwork docs

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Sometimes I have a few versions of a document and want to combine parts of each into one doc. How can I import layers from other Vectorwork docs? (Not ACad) I know I could recreate the layers and paste the items separately but that seems like the long way around.

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Use Work Group Reference. Reference the desired layer(s), they will be brought in complete with all the objects and their classes, etc.

If you don't want to leave the document linked to the various "support" files, you can break the link by clicking on Remove and choosing to keep the info.

Good luck,

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Yes WGR works great. However, those files created with legacy versions of the OS probably have incompatible system fonts.

When importing legacy files & symbol libraries, etc. it is essential that you manually check and update each font instance with those in your current OSX. Otherwise even a simply copy-paste can crash the app.

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