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The best vector includes out there

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I'd like to collect and study some valid third party Python libraries for Vectors, what do you use?

So far I tested:


thank you




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I had a go at converting python code for vectors back in 2016 see attached. I never really used the code as I can't guarantee that the vector python file will exist in all settings. It may be of use.


Also units in VW python are not really handled as in Vectorscript ie 20mm in code will be automatically converted to the current units - not so in python.

Find attached a go at handling automatic conversion.


PS I couldnt upload .py files so I had to rename files below as .txt files. Just rename back to .py

vwvector.txt vwunits.txt

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As an aside I found some code for handling euler and quaterion rotations which I'm trying to figure out. As far as I can tell 3D rotations in VW code are world based which doesnt help if you want to rotate an object around it's local orientation. Find attached a zip file with the main python code being 'pyrotation.py' which needs numpy loaded.


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