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Vectorworks 2018 Crashes Immediately After Opening



Hi all,


I recently upgraded a few parts of my computer (CPU, motherboard and SSD) and did a fresh install of Windows 10. I have installed Vectorworks 2018 SP6 back onto my computer and can't get it to work. When I open Vectorworks, the program loads as usual (e.g. initialises plugins, displays serial number), displays the workspace for 5 seconds and then abruptly crashes (with no warning/error message). I have made sure all my graphics and other drivers are up to date.


After lots of troubleshooting I have discovered that if I disconnect the internet Vectorworks runs perfectly fine (absolutely no crashing). When connected, it crashes immediately after startup. Is vectorworks trying to connect to an online library/server? I don't have any anti-virus software installed on the computer which would potentially block it. I have also made sure windows firewall allows Vectorworks. 


As an experiment, I installed the trial version of Vectorworks 2022 and it worked perfectly fine. So I'm assuming this problem specically relates to Vectorworks 2018 and my hardware???


Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


My computer specs are:
OS: Windows 10 64bit (21H2)

CPU: Intel i7 11700

Motherboard: Asus TUF B560M-Plus

Memory: Corsair 32gb ram

Storage: Samsung 1TB 980 Pro SSD

Graphics: EVGA GeGore GTX 980 Ti FTW

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