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Site model from existing spot elevations

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Reimport the DWG as 3D and see if there are any 3D points or symbols in the file.  Sometimes there are 3D symbols which you can drop in a 3D locus and then explode the symbol to get a set of 3D points from which to create a site model.


failing that send me a vw file with the levels isolated. I have a script to convert the levels to a ‘survey points file’ as per @E|FA response above.

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Alternatively see this thread for a script which will convert text blocks (2D elevation info) into 3D loci (from which you can then create a site model):



I have never used it but having previously very laboriously manually converted an old 2D topo survey into 3D thought it sounded very useful so kept a note of it... Luckily all subsequent surveys have come as 3D point files.

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