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Can't drag multiple linear PIOs - VW2021

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We have numerous customized PIOs that we use daily. Some of them are "linear" objects, such as a grid bubble with a line extending off it. In previous versions of VW, our users could select multiple instances of this object, drag one line end, and all line ends would follow (similar behaviour as if one selected several 2D line objects, and stretched one). That functionality seems to have gone away in VW2021. Drag one and only it moves - the others stay put.


Not sure if this is a regression, a setting I am missing, or perhaps if the PIO needs additional work to make this happen.


Any input would be appreciated.




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Second thought, if you use the Reshape Tool and draw a marquee around the ends to be moved, can you resize multiple PIOs then? One is scaling, while the other is moving, so they're not the same but it might be useful.



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Hi Raymond:


Thanks for your response. Yes, interactive mode is set to "multiple object" mode. Multiple Reshape does work, so that is a good option.


Interestingly, if I try the stretching process with an NNA linear PIO (say, the "Clothes Rod" for example), it works fine. So it must be something in our custom PIO. The only difference I see is that our PIO is not "Event Based". When I turn that parameter on, the thing goes quite wonky.


I have no experience with event-based objects.



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