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How can I edit ID tags on window/door plug-in objects?

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Specifically I'm looking to make bubble filled and text not filled for graphic reasons - I don't like the bubbles too big, but need to be solid filled for elevation views in shaded mode.

Solid filled text is overlaying the hexagon or circle bubble.

Would like to edit this tag format or style like we do with other data tags.

Want to continue to use plug-in tag and not switch to other data tag.


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Create a class for example Door-ID Tag,  set the class fill and pen to what you want.
In Settings for the door under ID-Tag /ID Class select the class you want the tag to use and check the box that says Use ID class attributes.  You can set the bubble shape and size there as well.
If you want the text to be white set the pen color to white in your Door-ID Tag class


ID Tag.jpg

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I've done exactly this, but what I need is variation between the class properties for the bubble and the text.

I want the bubble to have solid fill (white), but setting it in class means that text does too, and that obscures the bubble at the corners of the text.


I'm looking at your illustration and I cannot tell if the same is happening on your bubble.

This is what mine look like - 



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I have the same (or similar) question for ID bubbles in elevation VPs. It seems that a fill will appear in the bubbles in design layers. However, in elevation VPs the window numbers have a fill but not the bubbles. Can we get the bubbles to display a fill? See attached screen shots.




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@JenWilliamson Personally, I'd use Data Tags...design your own, save it/them as a Style so you can use them again and again..get exactly what you're looking for...use them in Annotation Space...they'll then scale correctly for enlarged views, etc.


Several examples and "how tos" here:






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Hi All,


There are some pretty cool iterations of custom data tags over in the "General" section pinned up near the top that might be useful...check 'em out...you can grab 'em from the posting...



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