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I like Art*lantis better though it is (often) still a wee bit cartoony. There are of course little things you have to find out about where certain functions are, but it is overall quite intuitive in comparison to most. There are much better renderers but unfortunately going through DWG with its inherent complications is almost always necessary. I'm not sure where to find them anymore but there are plug-ins for VW (my VW version 9 plugs still work).

As a disclaimer I should say my rendering experiments are a couple years removed. I've not looked beyond RenderWorks or Art*lantis recently. I'm also interested to hear what others think.

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I use Art*lantis & C4D. Art*lantis has an unusual GUI, but is easy to learn. It takes some practice to get past the "cartoony" look described by Delmer. You can create walk thru animations & VR objects easily. You cannot create or edit the geometry in your scene with Art*lantis. You can download a trial version from the Abvent site: http://www.abvent.com/index.php

Cinema 4D is a modeling, animation, rendering program that can import from VW. Steeper learning curve, amazing renderings.


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I concur with all the comments already said. I don't know if the offer still stands but 4.5 was being sold at a greatly reduced price.

A new render program is being launched by Abvent soon, Artlantis R which will bring a host of features and improvements to the images currently possible from using 4.5.

It won't be cheap, release date unannounced and depending on how you feel about learning a program Cinema 4D is here now and not only produces excellent renders it has a great plugin community, shaders easily available and excellent user forums.

You need to consider the amount of work to do in a program to achieve the required result. If the type of renders possible with Artlantis are perfectly acceptable (in many cases they are) then its speed and simplicity of use is hard to beat.

I'm still deep in the learning curve on Cinema, when I get time to practise, but still use Artlantis because at this moment in time I'm more productive using it than C4D.


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Alan, it sounds like we have the same useage pattern for C4D & Artlantis. I think Artlantis R will only do still renderings, to be followed by a Studio version with some or all of 4.5's animation features. The upgrade path has not been a defined upgrade path yet. If current 4.5 users are not offered a discounted upgrade, they will lose me to C4D.


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Geez... I downloaded the demo version of C4D and I don't think I'm grown up enough to work with that. I clicked and clicked and held down keys and dragged the mouse and it didn't even know was there. Only thing I was able to figure out was how to quit.

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Yes it does take some getting use to and fooled me to start with. As George said select the tool you want to use in the viewport window of choice (assuming you have more than one open) Thats the small group of icons in the top right corner of the veiwport window, then just move the mouse from that point to achieve the required command.

But this only changes your view of the "scene" in the viewport. The editing of an object is the main icons to the top of the program window, and the ones down the left hand side. It uses managers as well which seem confusing but again "work" once you get your head round them.

It does take some getting use to, different thinking, but I'm reliably informed once you learn how it works its a very good way to work compared to other similiar programs.

I doubt if I'll do much modelling in it, the bulk in Vectorworks, because I can work more effectively in creating objects, designs to sizes I can understand and determine in VW than Cinema.

This is a issue I've raised with Maxon and its not a fault of the program, just a difference in approach to what each program wishes to achieve.

Cinema uses units which bear no relationship to the real world, or needs to, whilst of course VW as a CAD program needs this essential ability.

Whilst it is grossly underusing the capabilities of Cinema I'll just use it most of the time like Artlantis, but to achieve superior results.

For me it's only the fact that Maxon decided to use the modular approach to Cinema that brought it into the realms of use as a render program for my Vectorworks files. If it had remained as a "all in one program" at that price I would have not contemplated it just for rendering my VW work.

But for not much more than the price of Artlantis you get not only superior potential in rendering and lighting but a great modeller included, which I figured would work better for organic shapes than a CAD program like VW should I need to create them.

It's mind boggling the amount of control and potential even creating a material shader to give an object colour or texture has within its capabilities!!

It also has links to programs such as xfrog for plants etc.

I'd say it's worth spending some time looking at its capabilities and add ons.


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Yes the Artlantis R sounds and looks promising but all I've seen is some renders, good though they are, I wonder if the interface will make working in it as easy as the old Artlantis. Will it be the same with additions or a completely new look and way of working.

I've not seen any screenshots have you?

I'd would have thought a upgrade path from a money point of view must be an option, even if a file one is not possible, otherwise they'll not make the existing users very happy at all!!

Also the VW plugin has to be considered. I must admit the VW to C4D is not as smooth as the Artlantis one, but I've found Maxon tech support good, helpful and honest.


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I haven't seen any screen shots of the R GUI. My confusion about upgrading 4.5 to R came from something I read on the Artlantis Forum. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find it again. My impression is that R will be released first as a still renderer, to be followed by a Studio version with some or all of the other features found in 4.5. The posting was unclear as to whether these would be considered the successors to 4.5, or a totally new product.


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Found this on Sketchup Forum:

Author: gb - abvent (---.fbx.proxad.net)

Date: 04-20-05 00:55

Dear lew ,

I am not sale man... but I have some idea , Abvent will recommand these public price :

Artlantis R (still image, Radiosity ) : around 500 US$ - launching May

Artlantis Classic ( (still image , Ray-tracing) around 200 US$ - launching Sept 2005

Artlantis Studio (Animation, Radiosity) - around 800 US$- Launching not fixed

Price can be change a little depending of the country and distribution chanel

No mention of upgrade. Above was posted by

Gerhard Boomer of Abvent.


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Hi George

Thanks for the info. I'm wondering if I should consider the upgrade or will I just be prolonging the switch and increasing my learning curve to Cinema full time.

Deadlines always come to quickly and I don't want to be struggling to get stuff out the door due to lack of knowledge.

Still pressures off a little I start a new job on Monday and kiss self employment goodbye, for the forseeable future anyway. But I know I need to "up my game" on the visualization front, so I'll use my spare time to get more into C4D.


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