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Don’t beat around the bush, just call the software ugly and move onto functionality.  It’s a pretty common reaction, even amongst longtime users.


Click frequency is reduced with familiarity.  I have heard people complain about how much clicking AutoCAD requires, which says a lot about the person and provides great laughter.



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On the development roadmap the GUI modernisation of the application window, welcome screen, view bar, and mode bar is marked as scheduled see https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/public-roadmap


Some schreenshots have been shared in the 2021 Design Summit of the current development. Will be introduced in upcomming updates or versions of VW, exact date has not been shared.

Vectorworks design summit 1.jpg

Vectorworks design summit 2.jpg

Vectorworks design summit 3.jpg

Vectorworks design summit 4.jpg

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  • 8 months later...

Top Bar looks a bit space consuming.

Like a Ribbon, especially on the right side.

Just missing Tabs.


On the other side top bar looks "QT" and like a modern App,

while the rest still looks a bit 90ies.

Can't estimate if the icons got sharper by getting monochrom


Hope top bar is customizable. That you can throw in/out

tools you don't need and replace with others.


Overall, I personally think it is an improvement

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Looks great & I hope it can be released sooner rather than later.  My quibble would be to remove (or have as an option) the grayed line with "View", "Layers/Classes", etc.  I understand the clarity, but it comes at too much of a loss of vertical screen space.  


It's also nice to see the tool icons are reworked back to 2019 era grayscale legibility.

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During the presentation he said that you could hide the titles, if I'm not mistaking. I think that it's a nice improvement. Only don't like the snap icons. Oneven row and the setting and suspend takes up a lot of space. Especially compared to the old place in the right bottom.


Also the rotated plan icon with text has a lot of unused place below.

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My bad - I thought it flew open briefly right at the beginning as it looked like the mouse hovered over the text layer.. just watched it back on half speed.. and it was Friday (here) and it's been a hectic few weeks... that's my excuse anyway lol!

But... I bet they won't. Like most improvements or new features, it winds up being just short of the mark. Back referencing being a good example. Why on earth is there no global pref to always allow labels to always back ref?? Who thought having to dig into dialogs for every viewport was a good idea.. or am I missing something...

Anyhoo.. instead of just adding a ribbonesq toolbar, the tool and attributes palettes are still a mess.. Attributes could be in the tool bar or in smart options, the tools could have been in a six segment smart options - having only four is just short of being game changing in having access to all tools under the cursor.

In the current GUI, there are lots of places to do some things - not all - like visibility. This looks like a new coat of paint and reorg other than genuine workflow improvements.. with the exception of the text and size dropdowns... but how long has this been requested? With subs, the money needs to be put where the mouth is and follow through with really good, well thought out upgrades. If its nearly ready, where is the community involvement? you know, input from people who stare and curse at it daily?


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