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Making the switch

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Hello all, this is not a specific "Architect " question but it concerns architecture. I may be moving to CA to work in a large firm, 4,000 people, that uses AutoCad-ADT3.3. In 2 and 3-D modes. For those of you that are current or former ADT users, do you have any tips for making the switch?



p.s. I guess I could try to get THEM to switch but that might be a bit tough

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Moving to CA and switching to ADT??? What happened??

I haven't used ADT since ACAD 2000 but I know someone who just graduated and every time I tell him something about VW he says ADT does very much the same thing. A whole different appraoch to the same goal is all. Hopefully you will have coworkers who are helpful and not think you an idiot for asking CAD questions.

Oh, from experience, try not to criticize or describe how much better the VW world is, they seem to resent it.

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Yes Delmer! I have some ACAD guys next door to me. They usually don't like to hear what VW can do. As fro what happened. I have an interview with HDR in Pasadena. I have a couple of ADT and ACAD books to try and read through. A friend also said she'd lend me a PC to practice on. We'll see I guess. Anyone else have any thoughts?



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I'm also looking for an architect to work in my office in Washington, DC. We do primarily high end custom residential work, and a small amount of institutional and commercial work. I'll send you a message through your web site. If anyone else is interested, post here and I'll contact you.

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