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Can't import the topo data from Civil3D file

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I have a DWG folder export that contains the DWG file, Text file, & an XML surface file. How do I import the topo data to coordinate with the DWG? I guessed at the mode of their export as ID, Easting, northing, description when trying the import survey file. Error box pops up that says there is bad data at basically all lines. Is it me or is the surveyor not sending me the right format?

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It’s hard to say based on the info provided.  Assuming the text file is a point file, Open the point file in a text editor to see the format.  Configure the vectorworks point file import correctly and you should get their points in.  Use the points as source data for the site model.  Who knows what’s in the xml, preview in an appropriate program or browser.  The DWG might have some Civil 3D objects in it.  Depending on the version of your vectorworks and Civil 3D, you may need to call the surveyor and ask the to export from Civil 3D as a dwg with Civil 3D objects converted to geometry only.  That usually results in their contours being converted into poly lines set at elevation.  You then convert those in Vectorworks to 3D polygons IIRC.

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Jeff - Thank you for this. The surveyor had to re-export the file for me to be able to access the polys. His reply to my query was "I use Civil3D, and the surface appears to be incompatible with other programs, that’s why I send the XML file.

The XML file is the “surface” file. Usually other programs can import the XML file.


I don’t send the raw data as the descriptions can be confusing. It looks the import survey file feature you are using is looking for TXT file that is in P,N,E,Z,D format."


I'll talk to him today about the export mode needed. BTW - I'm attaching a copy of the xml file. Yes it does have a lot of formatting characters that may be causing Vectorworks (2020 on MacBook Pro 2019) to fail.

21-058 copy.xml

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