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Report on PIOs in Symbols?

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Is it possible, especially with the improved functionality of Worksheets in Vectorworks 2022, to report on both a symbol and a PIO that that symbol contains?  (Or even vice-versa?).  @Pat Stanford?


For example, say I have 100 doors, 25 each of four different sizes, one of which has lites (and all of which have custom modeled geometry, such as for the trim).  I want to make just four symbols, both for global control over each symbol's 25 instances, and for file efficiency as well.  But each door needs its own unique ID number, and maybe different hardware sets.  But of course the Door PIOs in the symbols, because they're in symbols, can't have different ID numbers or hardware sets.  So the solution is to attach a record to each symbol: then each door can have its own unique info, and linked text or data tags can even be used to display that information.  But I've yet to figure out how to make a Worksheet "see" both the records attached to the symbols and the Door PIOs inside of those symbols (so that, at the very least, the actual sizes of the doors can be reported on).


This question actually also applies to Data Tags; I think they also can't simultaneously report on both symbols and PIOs in those symbols.  VWIS228 

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