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Can’t make Windows in Demolition Class Transparent



My Demolition class is a light dashed line with no fill.  When I put windows in that class, in Top/Plan view, the area representing the jamb depth and the window's width (to the outside of the frame) has a solid fill that I can't seem to make go away (otherwise, the window's attributes, such as for the trim, are as expected).  In Window Settings > 2D Visualization > Set Attributes By:, > "Object" is selected.  And I've tried messing around with the "Visibility Classes," all to no avail.


I've just discovered that if I temporarily turn on the Fill for the Demo class, change its color, then turn it back off, the Fill of the window then uses that new color.  Leading me to believe that windows use a class's fill, even when that class's fill is turned off.


Oh, just found that if the window has a sill, then the opaque fill can be made to go away.  So, part of a bigger, super counter-intuitive issue that I've encountered before, where you need to have a sill in order to not have a plan representation of the "sill"... ... ... *sigh*  Luckily new windows are on the horizon, yes?!?...  VWIS227 

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Oh... no, I guess I was wrong... even with a sill, the sill itself is now opaque, and uses whatever color is assigned to the Demo class's fill, even when that fill is turned off for the class.  So I set the sill's depth to 0", which reduces it to just a single dashed line.  So, I guess I was actually kinda right, after all.  The sill needs to be turned on to make the window transparent.  Then the sill needs to be reduced to nothing so that it doesn't generate an opaque representation.  My head's spinning... ... ...

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